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Canada Day Sailing

Wanting to make the most of a mid week day off for Canada’s birthday, we set sail for Prevost Island. Prevost is the island just northwest of Pender, inbetween it and Saltspring. A good chunk of the northern part of the island is in the national park reserve. It has some beautiful anchorages and makes […]

Thetis Lake

Amanda had to teach a class today and we needed to come over to Victoria tomorrow. So to make the most of the situation I decided that we’d bring the canoe with us, and Brie and I would go for a paddle while Amanda worked. We got on the early ferry, first in line so […]

An evening paddle around Hope Bay

Apologies for the very poor photo quality. All I had was a crappy cell phone. A GoPro is in my future for sure.   Some nights Amanda goes out to knit night. Last night was one of those nights so Brie and I went out for a paddle around Hope Bay. The water was calm […]

Launch Day

My wife asked me a few days ago what I wanted to do for Father’s Day. I said, “Let’s put the canoe in the water”. It’s not 100% complete, but it’s darn close enough. I need to put more varnish on the seat hangers, and the gunwhales (especially the scuppers). I need to do the […]