planking finished


The stripping is done, and the hull is complete. Fitting the strips to the second side of the hull was a tricky bit of business. Each strip needs to be custom cut and the ends tapered to match the angle between the centre line and the last strip. I did need to add a few micro adjustment shims of wood in a few places to get things to line up.

The last 2 strips did not go as I wanted. I had trimmed the cove off the third to last plank and glued the two final strips together beforehand. They were glued up clamped to the curve of the previous strips, but when I removed them the next day they straightened out a bit. The glue held them together fine, but I guess it flexes enough to let them spring back a bit.

I don’t have time to keep trying different things to get them to stay the shape I want, so the last section will have a flatter curve. Since they are so thin and trimmed to fit anyway, I’m hoping it won’t be glaringly obvious to anyone other than me. And people who’ve read this.