glass inside

Today was fibreglassing the inside of the hull.  This time it actually felt like I knew what I was doing a bit. So I’m sure my next canoe will have a better glass job all around. I had a better feel for the squeegee and was more diligent on cleaning up the runs. The wrinkles in my cloth were still there but I was able to keep going back to them as the epoxy was setting and flattening them out so they are a lot less prominent than on the outside.

It was a long job though so I didn’t get home until 2am. Wetting out the glass in the narrow areas of the stems was the most frustrating part of the build so far. It’s really difficult to do a tidy job of it. I’m really glad the decks will hide that area partially.


inside wet out

I’ve got a board with notches in it to keep the hull held to the proper width during the glassing process. The cradle/forms that it’s sitting in do a pretty good job of keeping the shape right, but they only go up half the hull so the beam at the shear line needed to be held open by 1/2″ or so. The spacer is waxed and notches lined with packing tape so it doesn’t get stuck to the epoxy.


inside wet out 2

inside all wetted out