My wife asked me a few days ago what I wanted to do for Father’s Day. I said, “Let’s put the canoe in the water”.

It’s not 100% complete, but it’s darn close enough. I need to put more varnish on the seat hangers, and the gunwhales (especially the scuppers). I need to do the canvas for the seats. For now I’ve made some temporary inserts out of scrap plywood. I’m also not happy with the centre thwart. I’ll be redoing that in the future.

I busted my butt this week getting the seat hangers done so that we could take the boat out today. They only have one coat of varnish on them, but they hold the seats up !

Those roof racks are stylin’. Version 2.0 soon to come.


So I put the canoe up on the car, and we headed down to Moritmer Spit. It was a great place to put in from, being sandy and sheltered. My parents came along to see the inaugural launch. What better way to spend Father’s day than paddling with my father ? We’ll get to that more later…


The canoe was christened with a bottle of Maudite, of course. The varnish I used is beer resistant it turns out.


And that’s what it’s all been for. Smiles all around. It was impossible to keep a grin off my face the entire time I was in the canoe.

It handles brilliantly. Glides through the water effortlessly. The boat feels nimble and responsive. Anyone contemplating the Huron Cruiser design, you’ll love it !

After we had a family toodle around Shark Cove and chased a small merganser, my parents took it out for a lap.



When they got back, I wanted to see how it would handle as a solo boat.

I was ecstatic. Building a boat from a design that you haven’t paddled is risky. You can read all you want about it but it’s still a gamble. This one was a jackpot. It’s exactly what I was hoping for in a canoe. Able to take the family out for day trips and some camping, but still handy to solo. It’s a perfect middle ground.

After my solo romp, I came back to the beach. I asked my Dad if he wanted to go out. I took the bow seat and was reaching for my paddle as he got in. A recurring injury in his knee caused him to lose his balance. So we both went swimming.


Scupper make the boat very easy to drain. My Tilley hat floats as advertised. My PFD also does it’s job as expected. Even when it’s almost thirty degrees out, the Pacific ocean is very refreshing.

Brie thought that it was so funny she decided to join me.



A good time was had by all.

Soon to come, I’ll go through my notebook for the build and my bag of receipts. Then I’ll be able to layout the statistics for the project down to the hour and dollar.