Apologies for the very poor photo quality. All I had was a crappy cell phone. A GoPro is in my future for sure.


Some nights Amanda goes out to knit night. Last night was one of those nights so Brie and I went out for a paddle around Hope Bay. The water was calm and the tide was fairly high and still rising. This meant we could go right down to the end of the small estuary.

This bald eagle watched as we paddled right underneath him. The moon was up early so it made for a very aesthetic sight. We saw lots of other marine life scuttling by not half a metre below our boat. Estuary’s are fascinating places.

We also saw a mink running along the shore but didn’t get a photo. He’s a cheeky little fellow and he’s there often so I’ll try and get a picture of him some other time.


Brie loves paddling. I made her a small paddle and she was eager to help as soon as she hoped in.

The snow covered peak in the background is Mt. Baker.


She also really wanted to stop on an island to explore. This is one of the little islets. It has a small oak tree on it, and lots of small bushes with burr seeds all over. It has a very large tide pool which we saw crabs, hermit crabs, chitons and limpets in. Who doesn’t love a good tide pool ?

We could only stay a brief while because the tide was still rising so our beach was rapidly disappearing. We also had plenty of burrs in our clothing so that was a good motivation to get home as well.