Wanting to make the most of a mid week day off for Canada’s birthday, we set sail for Prevost Island. Prevost is the island just northwest of Pender, inbetween it and Saltspring. A good chunk of the northern part of the island is in the national park reserve. It has some beautiful anchorages and makes for a great day trip from where we are.

Since it was the first time we’ve taken the boat out in awhile we had a lot of chores to do before getting off the dock. Like putting the mainsail back on, getting new oars set up in the dinghy and re-mounting the depth sounder transducer. So we got away fairly late in the morning. Probably close to 11:00.


Not long after getting into Trincomali channel the wind picked up enough for us to cut the motor and deploy sails. A few joyful tacks and we were up to James Inlet.

There’s an old orchard at the top of the inlet which is a delightful place to come ashore.

It also has the greatest outhouse in probably all of Canada’s national parks. Just saying.

From the orchard in James inlet, we hiked up the ridge and over to Selby cove. You can tell the trail doesn’t see much traffic from the amount of eye poking branches and fallen logs on the trail.

We have only had 6mm of rain since the end of April, so everything around here is tinder dry. There was a pretty good carpet of dry Arbutus leaves on parts of the trail which makes it very slippery when it gets steep. Since we almost always go sailing in the summer, I haven’t ever been on Prevost when the conditions were much different. I’m sure in the fall and winter it’s a very different place.



On this particular adventure, Brie added the word ‘Bushwhacking’ to her vocabulary. Here she is in the process of said new verb.


While we were exploring the island, we would occasionally find tufts of long white hair on the underside of logs and near the old remnants of barbed wire fence. This is not unusual as many of the Gulf Islands are or were used for sheep, so there are often feral populations.

On our way home, we were motoring down the inside of Hawkins Island and we saw the culprit. Not at all the sheep we were expecting to see.


Check out those crazy horns ! We also sailed past the small oyster farm and dodged a couple of ferries on our way back to Pender Island. All in all it was a great day out and a grand adventure for Canada Day.



The full gallery of photos is here for those who want to see more.