This is an abused and sad jogging stroller, waiting to be recycled. I live a five minute walk from the ocean, so I would like a way to easily schlep the canoe down there without strapping it on my car. I can portage it on my shoulders, but that means setting up the paddles as a yoke and probably making a second trip for all my other gear.

Or I can make a portage cart.




It turns out every jogging stroller has a portage cart inside just waiting to come out. All you need is to strip it bare and give it some angle grinder surgery.


And now you just have to put a canoe on it.


It’s a little bit high still. That makes it nice to push down the road because I’m not stooping down to keep it level. It does make it a bit unstable, but since it’s for road use I think that’ll be OK. I might cut it down later if it proves to be a problem.

As it currently stands, I’ve retained the collapsing mechanism of the jogging stroller so it folds down flat. It’s still too big to fit nicely in the boat. It is also a steel frame, not aluminum so it’ll never be a bush portage cart that I’d take on a trip. More of a town-and-country cart to get me from the parking lot to the lake in areas where that is an arduous portage.