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Portable Workbench (part 3)

The bench is all done structurally now. By that I mean that it’s free standing and usable. The top still needs to be flattened and the apron squared up to it. I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I’ve also uploaded the SketchUp drawing to the 3D warehouse.   This shows the cleat […]

Portable Workbench (part 2)

Glue ups are an outside job. Now that the top and apron are one piece it makes workholding so much easier, even on the sawhorses. This gives me a nice usable work surface to build the leg frames and cross braces on. The leg frames on each side have a wide upper stretcher that is […]

Portable Workbench (part 1)

I’ve decided to build myself a proper workbench. And I’ve gotten the go ahead from my wife to build it in the living room. Pretty much all the woodworking I’ve done up to this point has been in the shop at work, or the basement at my parent’s house. While these are both great spaces […]