The bench is all done structurally now. By that I mean that it’s free standing and usable. The top still needs to be flattened and the apron squared up to it. I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I’ve also uploaded the SketchUp drawing to the 3D warehouse.

finally assembled 1


This shows the cleat that the cross braces will bolt to on the underside of the slab. It turns out I didn’t account for the length of the holdfast shank, so I’ll need to cut a small notch here and in the front cross brace. I’m very happy with the dog hole spacing, so I wouldn’t change that. I could move the brace block further towards the rear, but then that makes the width of the shelf that sits on the lower stretchers narrower. Since I want that shelf to do double duty as a filler board for the tool well if needed to make the top completely flat, it needs to be 10.5″. Which is what dictated the placement of the brace block in the first place. So notch it is.

upside down top


There are still a few cosmetic things that need to be done. I’ll round over the ends of the cross braces to make them less pokey. I also have to cut down the carriage bolts to an acceptable length, and grind down two of the hinge screws that poked through the upper stretchers.

finally assembled 2